If you were to ask the leading wildlife photographers on the planet where the best place in the world is to photograph Sea eagles it’s odds-on they’d say – “Flatanger of course with Ole Martin Dahle ‘the eagle man’ “.

Ole Martin Dahle and his Sea eagle photography encounters have certainly put Flatanger and the small village of Lauvsnes on the map and there’s soon to be a new Sea eagle Centre established in the village. Ole Martin is regularly featured in the national and international media and out of sea eagle ‘season’ he offers a range of photography trips that include species such as moose, Goshawk, Capercaillie, Black Grouse and Otter.

With deep fjords, world class sport climbing caves and almost 1 400 islands in the surrounding archipelago there is, however, much more to see and do in Flatanger than simply photography Sea eagles.

The sheltered waters of the archipelago offer superb sea kayaking, sailing, scuba and fishing opportunities and on the mainland there’s a range of walking, cycling, wildlife watching and photography options.

If you’re looking for a remote hideaway there’s even a secluded lighthouse to use as a base for kayaking, fishing and snorkelling. It’s also a perfect spot to unwind, read a book and free dive to harvest scallops from the island’s sandy coves.

Flatanger is also gaining a reputation as one of the world’s most exciting hard sport climbing destinations.

The area’s Hanshelleren cave is a massive hillside cavern with a natural open-ended arch that offers 260 feet of overhanging climbing and a 160-foot headwall. Elite sport climber Adam Ondra has climbed at least 25 routes rated 5.15a or harder and rates Hanshelleren of one of his favourite climbing locations.

The stunning coastal scenery combined with wild nature and a wide range of activity options means Flatanger certainly has the potential to become one of Namdalen’s most exciting adventure hubs.

Tour operators in Flatanger

  • Ole Martin Dahle

  • Tore Kristian Aune


3 days Husky tour

Enjoy the challenge of mushing a team of huskies through the majestic mountains of mid-Norway. On this short-break you’ll rapidly gain confidence as  you discover the thrill of the connection between you and your team of huskies. As your bond with the dogs builds the huskies respond and you’ll soon begin to feel at one […]

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Polar Expedition Course

Want to know how it is to be a polar explorer or participate on an arctic expedition? Now you have the chance to give the polar explorer in you the knowledge and skills he or she deserves!

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Autumn Photo Adventures in Flatanger

Autumn brings you a great array of colours in a changing landscape. The daylight is shorter but the light is simply magical. Join Ole Martin Dahle, the Eagle Man, to get close to nature and wildlife. Stay comfortably at Ole Martin’s guesthouse in Flatanger, photograph the Sea eagle, moose and more. Or join him to Dovre […]

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Crossing Finnmarksvidda

Join us for new adventures at Finnmarksvidda!

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Enhanced Polar Expedition Training

This is the ultimate test for would be Polar Explorers. The Enhanced Expedition is designed to mentally and physically prepare expedition team members to reach their goal of successfully completing Polar Last Degree or Greenland Icecap expeditions. The course will hone your Nordic ski technique and help you master your arctic camping skills. Experienced instructors […]

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Expedition skiing course in Norway

Do you want to master Nordic skiing? This course is a great introduction for those who want to learn the basics of Nordic skiing before signing up on a real expedition or on one of our expedition training courses. We usually set up the expedition skiing courses two days prior to our arctic expedition courses. […]

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Family Wilderness Week in Lierne

Family time is precious. Today’s hectic, urban lifestyles mean that we’re often too busy to spend quality time with those we love and care for. We’re increasingly becoming disconnected with nature and rarely find the time to appreciate the simple pleasures that outdoor experiences provide.

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Crossing Greenland in Spring

This is where Polar Exploration really started with Nansen’s crossing in 1888, and this being the inspiration for many expeditions, also this crossing going from the west to the east coast. And till today it stands out as the most important expedition you can take on. If you have conquered The Inland Ice you are […]

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Crossing Greenland, Fall

This is where Polar Exploration really started with Nansen’s crossing in 1888. And till today it stands out as the most important expedition you can take on. If you have conquered The Inland Ice you are ready for everything! In fall we cross Greenland from east to west.

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Hotel Spruce – 5 (thousand) stars hotel

High in the mountains of mid-Norway there’s pop-up hotel that is so secret and exclusive that its location shifts with the seasons. Our impact on the pristine environment is minimal, and we prefer to travel light trekking and paddling in using human power.  Welcome to Hotel Spruce – our  5 (thousand) stars hotel!

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Husky Adventure in Norway

Bodil Bakken, and guide owner of Norway Husky Adventure offers a variety of dog sledding experiences from an exciting day tour to a full-on expedition week mushing a husky team through the forests and mountains of mid-Norway.    

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Ladies Dogsledding Week in Norway

Enjoy the luxury of a women only dogsledding week in the wonderful mountains of mid-Norway. If you love adventure, want to challenge yourself, learn new skills and meet new friends then this is the trip for you.  

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Ladies Husky Weekend

Bodil Bakken, owner, guide and musher at Norway Husky Adventure, invites you to join her on a weekend of dog sledding and ‘friluftsliv’ in the beautiful and remote mountains of Trøndelag, mid-Norway. Send an enquire if you are looking for other weekends than the one in the calendar!

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Lighthouse Multisport Adventures

The Ellingsråsa Lighthouse is the ultimate hideaway and ideal for a wide range of island based adventures such as sea kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, climbing and rappelling. Live comfortably in the rebuild ligthouse 10 meters from the Atlantic ocean. In this place you can catch and enjoy your own fresh seafood or off course get a chef […]

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Muskox winter photo expedition

This tour is carefully selected for photographers who want to experience these amazing animals in their right element, winter & snow. We like to call it a photo expedition as we carefully enter their territory “expedition style” with back country skis, pulkas and the the same equipment that we use on the north- or south pole expeditions. You never […]

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North Pole Last Degree

This is the real way to the North Pole. In about 10 days you will experience everything the Polar Sea has in it’s armour: The cold, the pressure ridges, the leads, the drifting ice, the stunning light, the team spirit, how to survive and conquer the harshest environment on earth! To reach the 90° North […]

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South Pole Last Degree

To be able to reach the Geographical South Pole, on the least accessible, the coldest, the most windswept, the highest and the most unique continent on earth, you know you have done something extraordinary. With the dramatic and historic fight between Amundsen and Scott as an immense backdrop, we feel both humble and impressed as […]

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Spring Photo Adventures in Flatanger

Join The Eagle Man for exceptional photo adventures in beautiful Flatanger! Everybody loves Spring! This is when nature wakes up from its long winter hibernation. The migratory birds are returning and are greeted by resident species to put on an impressive nature show to delight the senses. This is the time when Capercaille and Black […]

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Summer Photo Adventure in Flatanger

Experience Flatanger in the summertime. The Flatanger archipelago hosts approximately 20 pairs of nesting sea eagles annually. This high concentration of Sea eagles creates a perfect opportunity to observe and photograph pairs working together to protect and feed their hungry eaglets. Summer season: 1st of May – 1st of October

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To the summit of Newtontoppen, Spitsbergen

Newtontoppen (Newton Peak – 1713 masl) is the highest peak on Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago. You find it in the heart of Atomfjella (Atom Mountains) surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of glaciers, snow and mountains.  

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The Northwest Passage Expedition

Challenge yourself on this 400km cold trek on historic ground from Cambridge Bay to Goa Haven!  Our North West Passage expedition has everything a polar explorer are dreaming of: Twice as cold as your freezer, breathtaking landscapes, dramatic history and great wildlife. We are skiing across tundra, pack-ice and pressure-ridges and will possibly meet caribous, muskox, arctic foxes and even polar bears. We will also experience the Inuit culture and meet beautiful people on our tour.

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Trekking and Wild Food in Børgefjell National Park

A wilderness experience in Børgefjell National Park with unique fishing and stunning landscape

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Whales and Northern Lights photo tour

Kaldfjord near Tromsø is a great spotting location for both whales and Aurora Borealis. Join in for stunning photographic and wildlife moments in our Rib that will take you out into the fjords to meet and greet with the whales!

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White tailed eagles

Norway has a wealth of wildlife riches contained within pristine habitats and spectacular scenery.  Flatanger is best known as the premier destination for photographing white tailed eagles.

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Wilderness living in Børgefjell national park

Remote, rugged and wild are three words that perhaps characterise Børgefjell best. The park’s remote and rugged landscape of granite peaks, tumbling waterfalls, birch clad valleys, marshland and lakes provide a dramatic, varied and rugged terrain. The National Park is home to the rare Arctic Fox, European Brown Bear, Lynx, Wolverine, moose, Golden eagle and […]

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Winter Photo Adventures in Flatanger

Want a great photo location? Come to Flatanger and The Eagle Man will take you on an unforgettable tour! As photographers we love challenges and the nature of Flatanger can provide a big variety of such. The coastline of Trøndelag can offer anything from spectacular winter light to snow blizzards, calm falling snow and also some challenging […]

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