Husky Adventure in Norway

Bodil Bakken, and guide owner of Norway Husky Adventure offers a variety of dog sledding experiences from an exciting day tour to a full-on expedition week mushing a husky team through the forests and mountains of mid-Norway.



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    Tour Length

    1-7 days

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    2-6 for tours and expeditions, 4-30 for events and 1/2 day trips

  • Difficulty

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Tour Operators

  • Bodil Bakken


As owner, guide and head musher at Norway Husky Adventure she is one of the few female dog handlers in the business. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

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We’d met our dog teams, been briefed on safety and as the dogs rapidly accelerate across the winter landscape Bodil could be heard shouting over the cacophony “I cannot think of any better way to experience snow”. She was right, the adrenalin was pumping, the landscape was magnificent and we were immediately hooked on the thrill of dog sledding!

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The days of the tough, bearded, dirty, male-dominated sport are definitively over!” says Bodil. “The dogs are not machines, and they need lots of contact, good gear and affection to motivate them to pull. These are more maternal qualities, and means that in recent years, women have made their mark within the sport. It does seem as if the men have finally begun to realise this, and act accordingly”.

Another important part of Bodil’s concept is that participants stay as guests of her family. Living with the family and experiencing the challenges of day-to-day life of a working Norwegian mountain farm gives a unique insight into their fascinating lifestyle.

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Although the farm is located just 1-hour drive east of Trondheim Værnes Airport the remote mountain location makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to another world. For those on short breaks the direct flights to Trondheim (or frequent connections via Oslo) coupled to the short overland transfer means you can be out and mushing the dogs within a few hours of leaving most European cities.

Bodil likes her guests to work and play with the dogs as much as possible in order to create a close bond between mushers and animals. The dogs love contact of this type, and when you know the dogs’ personalities, you’ll make a great team.