About us

Wild Norway is a tour operator and a collaboration of selected adventure companies run by solid wood Norwegians, all specialists in our own field. That’s why you can find everything from family adventures to hard core polar expeditions in our portfolio. Each location, company, product, and guide is unique and has its own soul and character.

We only work with people we know and trust. Quality, hospitality, and safety is our focus.
And, we all work as hard as we can to make your tour a lifetime experience.

Our location

Wild Norway is based in the city of Levanger in the region called Trøndelag.
Our main airport is Trondheim Airport (TRD) and most of our adventures is found from 30 minutes to 3 hours from there.

But we also operate special tours on hand-picked locations in other parts of Norway and the polar region (Northern Norway, Greenland, North Pole, South Pole).


  • Jan Bjørnar Totsås

    Jan Bjørnar is a real all-rounder with skills that will take the breath out of every city slicker. Adventure- and brown bear guide, beer brewer, salmon guide, action sports- and black metal enthusiast, animal tracker. Jan Bjørnar is educated in wildlife management and spent one year as a cow milker in New Zealand.  Hipster and farmer.

  • Bodil Bakken

    Bodil Bakken started her career as a musher in 1990 and when she was driving all over Norway to race with her dogs. She converted into tourism and established Norway Husky Adventure in 2000. Her kennel is beautifully situated by the foot of the Norwegian/Swedish mountains only 1 hour from Trondheim Airport (TRD). Her partner Jan Ove Moen is the kennels handy man, and together with 40 Alaskan Huskies and a handful of guides, they will ensure an unforgettable wilderness experience.

  • Geir Vie

    Wild Norway feature for Lets Go  - Ink. Jon Enoch

    As an outdoorsman, ecofarmer, field biologist and traditional craftsman Geir has been living with nature all his life. Geir goes into all type of difficult missions with a smile. He is a real stayer with a practical sense that influences all he does inside and outdoors. Geir represent the type of men Nansen and Amundsens recruited for their polar expeditions. His outdoor knowledge and practical thinking makes him your first choice on a cold mission. Geir is running Hotel Spruce and Arctic Training & Expeditions together with Petter Thorsen.

  • Ole Martin Dahle

    The legendary Ole Martin “Eagle Man” Dahle attracts photographers and filmmakers from all over the world to enjoy the unique experience of photographing white tailed eagles, stunning landscapes and charismatic wildlife.  Ole Martin have since 2006 worked full-time as a guide and facilitator. It has been a dream come true, where the love for nature combined with his social capacity has made it possible for Ole Martin to live as a guide.

    His wife, Wenche Anita Larsen Dahle has been in the creation of Norway Nature from the start designing their guesthouse “Where Eagles Dare”,  guiding tours and organizing the hides. She is now stepping up as a photographer.

  • Gunn Anita Totland

    Gunn Anita “bear lady” Totland is our mrs. fix-it in Lierne where high density of brown bear, beaver and moose roam the magical realm of dense forests, pristine lakes and high mountain fells. When not working at Lierne national Parc Center as a project manager and guide she works at her small eco-farm. Gunn Anita will custom design a package for you or help plan your stay in the Lierne circumference.

  • Børge Ousland

    Børge is a world famous explorer, tour guide, photographer, author and speaker. He`s been leading the way with his extreme expeditions to the north- and south pole. Børge is a dedicated perfectionist in everything he do. His company Børge Ousland Explorations is mainly focused on arctic expeditions. In 2010 Børge bought the island Manshausen and which is now transformed into a unique center for adventure, north of the polar circle. “Børge Ousland is arguably the most accomplished polar explorer alive” (National Geographic Adventure, February 2006)

  • Kent Mikkelsen

    Kent Mikkelsen is mr. fix it and your wilderness guide in Børgefjell National Park. He grew up in this area and know the land as his own pocket. He will link you up with the locals, show you the hidden gems of food, culture, nature and wildlife. Signing up on a tour with Kent and his company Experience Børgefjell will ensure you get the best out of your stay.

  • Tore Kristian Aune

    Tore Kristian is a the owner of the adventure company Folla Aktiv which he started in 2003. In 2009 he bought Ellingsråsa Lighthouse, an amazing location for kayaking, climbing, snorkeling, hiking and other coastal adventures. In winter time Tore Kristian spend a lot of time skiing in the mountains of the Norwegian/Swedish border. Often seen in shorts and always with a Coke available.

  • Bengt Rotmo

    Bengt`s impressive CV of successful expeditions make him one of the worlds most experienced polar guides.
    He has crossed the Greenland icecap 10! times, two times skied the Northwest passage (1120km) and led a 1200 km unsupported expedition with clients to the South Pole. He has also led several unsupported crossings of the Northern Patagonia ice field and led several last–degree expeditions to the North- and South Pole. No need to say that Bengt is updated about everything that has to do with polar expeditions.

  • Fredrik Bye

    Fredrik is an aspiring adventure filmmaker who in record time is established in the business. He has currently been with World Nomads on their Extraordinary Experience Campaign in Norway and is also part of the ATTA`s (Adventure Travel Trade Association) story telling team.  Fredrik is easy going, flexible, fast, smart and fun to work with.

  • Rune Krogh

    Rune Krogh was born and raised in northern Norway (1986).
    He lives near Svartisen glacier with his family and 22 sled dogs. Education in welding technology and inspection led Rune to the offshore industry where he works with climbing and inspection on various off-shore installations. Rune specializes in rescue techniques using ropes, and has guided several tours on Svartisen, and Svalbard. Rune has been at the North Pole, and in 2015 he crossed Norway from west to east with his one-year-old daughter. In addition to the passion for dogsledding, he explores and guide the deep cave systems, witch are plentiful in this part of northern Norway.

    He has as well participated on the Finnmark crossings, training trips in Svalbards and done several Greenland crossings.

  • Petter Thorsen

    Wild Norway feature for Lets Go  - Ink. Jon Enoch

    Petter is educated in sports and biology. After serving in the Norwegian Naval Special Forces he was a guide at Svalbard for several seasons and also led the Svalbard Polar Guide Training Program. Petter is a former triathlete and two times Ironman Hawaii finisher but likes it much better in the cold. He has done several expeditions including Greenland, Svalbard and the North Pole. Petter founded Wild Norway and is also running the operations Arctic Training & Expeditions and Hotel Spruce together with Geir Vie.

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