Summer Photo Adventure in Flatanger

Experience Flatanger in the summertime. The Flatanger archipelago hosts approximately 20 pairs of nesting sea eagles annually. This high concentration of Sea eagles creates a perfect opportunity to observe and photograph pairs working together to protect and feed their hungry eaglets.

Summer season: 1st of May – 1st of October

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Tour Operators

  • Ole Martin Dahle


Our boat-based access allows us to reach many fantastic locations that can give a magical background light and steep, dark cliffs. The stunning archipelago with its many islands and rugged coastline provides fantastic natural environment for both birds and humans.

On these tours there are always sea gulls following our boat with “Charlie”, a charismatic Herring gull becoming a close friend of Ole Martin.

Join for an exciting and delightful summer experience of spectacular Sea eagle photography, good company and stunning scenery.


What’s there to see in summer?

Usually we guide in the mornings and evenings when the light quality is at its best. This makes for both early starts and late evenings as we have daylight almost around the clock in Flatanger during summer.

The high concentration of Sea eagles guarantees great sightings and exceptonal photographic opportunities during summer months. We spend many hours on the water in the summer and it is fairly common for Harbour Porpoise and Arctic skua to shadow the boat hoping to share some fish with the Sea eagles.

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Besides “Charlie” the Herring gull, we have plenty of other birds and animals that can be seen during the summer months around Flatanger:

  • Otter
  • Red Fox
  • Roe deer
  • Red-throated Diver
  • Black-throated Diver

Summer is also a great time for boat trips together with children, extended family and friends. An evening cruise on the sea among Flatanger’s many islands and inlets is a breath taking experience.

We welcome you to the exciting natural world of the Trøndelag coast. Our photo adventures are open to anyone who wants to experience wild nature, fresh air and the spectacular summer nature of Trøndelag.