Difficulty Levels

Here you will find a description of the expected level of difficulty – or ease – of our trips. The intention is to give you a certain notion about the different condition levels needed. This is especially important for our expeditions and longer trips but will also give you information about our other trips.

With our variety of adventures (from family tours to South Pole expeditions…) it is difficult to make a simple and “waterproof” rating system for our tours. Therefore please contact us if you still have questions after reading this!

Difficulty level star

A trip in this category will not require any heavy physical activity, but may contain easy hikes on or off trails. They will also compose of both cultural and natural experiences, and often also a course element.  Family adventures is often in this category.

Difficulty level star Difficulty level star

At this level you also get a feeling of achievement. There may be some steep terrain, but the focus is on enjoying the moments, have time to socialize and enjoy the surroundings. For some these trips may be challenging as they often require 1-3 hours of walking, also with some gear packed, but the vast majority of hiking and nature enthusiasts will manage.

Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star

Trips in this category should first and foremost make you aware that if most often means long days of physical activity or a more complex course element in which you are participating in. If you have a decent condition and exercise regularly, this trip should be fine. Expect between 4-6 hours of activity each day. Still, there will be time to relax, take a deep breath, enjoy the view and weather, hopefully!

Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star

A trip at this level requires that you are well prepared and  ready for a real challenge! This is a trip that you probably have been dreaming about and have a desire to accomplish something very few have done. Along the way, it can be cold, exhausting and occasionally feel very tough. However the reward is greater when you succeed!

Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star Difficulty level star

These are our toughest and most demanding trips. You have to work hard to reach the goal, the trips are physically and mentally demanding, your team work abilities will be put to test and it requires careful preparation and previous experience. On some trips there might be a prerequisite that you have traveled with us before and we often have training camps before the adventure starts. If you are dedicated, like tough challenges and are looking for a unique and precious experience in the wilderness, these are the right challenges for you!