The Northwest Passage Expedition

Challenge yourself on a 400km cold trek through the historical Northwest Passage!
This is an expedition that has everything a polar explorer can dream of: Temperatures twice as cold as your freezer, majestic landscapes, inuit culture, sea ice with pressure ridges, tundra and wildlife. On our way we will possibly meet caribou, muskox, arctic fox and polar bears.

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    Tour Length

    20 days + travel and packing

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    6 + guide

  • Difficulty

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Tour Operators

  • Rune Krogh


Our expedition goes along the route that propelled Roald Amundsen to fame. Explorers had for centuries tried to find the seaway between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean with horrible consequences. So, when Amundsen on the small vessel ‘Maud’ made it through in 1906, the news amazed the world.

Now it`s your time to experience the dramatic history the majestic landscape first hand and be among the very few that have traveled through these remote areas.  We know these areas well as Ousland Polar Exploration’s own Bengt Rotmo was one of the first to ski the whole North West passage in 2003.


Difficulty: Cold, hard, need good equipment and preparations:-)