North Pole Last Degree

This is the real way to the North Pole. In about 10 days you will experience everything the Polar Sea has in it’s armour: The cold, the pressure ridges, the leads, the drifting ice, the stunning light, the team spirit, how to survive and conquer the harshest environment on earth!

To reach the 90° North will fill you with both pride and immense happiness – this is a world and an experience for the very few.

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    Tour Length

    approx. 10 days + 5 extra (preparations and delays)

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    upon request

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Tour Operators

  • Børge Ousland

  • Bengt Rotmo


The Last Degree trip offers a raw and unique experience. You are sure to return home with real stories to tell. In the course of two weeks you will be able to join this small and exclusive community of people who have reached the North Pole on skis.

Børge Ousland had his first acquaintance with the Arctic Ocean in 1990. In 1994 he started a project in cooperation with the Norwegian Polar Institute to measure the thickness of the ice and snow-cover on his way to the North Pole.

This project has now been extended to be a part of the Last Degree trips, as the scientists need data from the ground. Snow-cover depth in particular can provide valuable insight in understanding the effect of climate change in the Arctic. We take these measurements daily – quickly and efficiently – it will not slow us down or reduce our chances of reaching our goal. On the contrary, we believe that contributing to a greater understanding about our melting Arctic is an important and valuable contribution to our common future.


Dates for 2017 and later may be sucbject to change. Please contact us if you have any queries about coming trips.