We are back from Adventure Travel World Summit in Salta, Argentina!

Just got home from another great Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). This time in Salta, Argentina.
Can’t express how happy I am to be part of the wonderful community of awesome people in the Adventure Travel Trade Association and to be able to work with the best tour operators, media, and experts in the world. Good sessions on learning and sharing, tons of fun and a thousand hugs and handshakes. It’s going to be back in Europe, in Tuscany, Italy.

See you next year in Tuscany, my friends!

The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) always starts with a Day Of Adventure (DOA). This is a wonderful way to explore the host country’s landscape, people and adventure opportunities. And it is a great way to get new friends and business partners in the adventure travel community.

For the ATWS 2017 in Salta, Argentina the 800 delegates had about 36 different DOAs to choose from. This time we went on an MTB trip in the valleys and mountains of Salta. We also visited a milk farm and got to taste the local sweet “dulce de leche” that are often found in cakes and desserts around here.

See more photos from ATWS 2017 on our gallery HERE.

In Salta, we were lucky to spend a few days with legendary National Geographic photographer, climber, expeditioner, and horse whisperer Tommy Heinrich. Tommy is the right stuff. Easy going, fun to be with, humble and hard. A source of inspiration and a big sharer. His smooth way of connecting with people opened up doors to local experiences we would never have had without him as a guide.
Put Tommy on a mission to Mount Everest, the North Pole, in a jungle or desert. He will always come home with a big smile – and stunning images! See more photos with Tommy on our online gallery HERE.