Spring Photo Adventures in Flatanger

Join The Eagle Man for exceptional photo adventures in beautiful Flatanger!

Everybody loves Spring! This is when nature wakes up from its long winter hibernation. The migratory birds are returning and are greeted by resident species to put on an impressive nature show to delight the senses. This is the time when Capercaille and Black Grouse perform their elaborate courtship display or ‘lek’. Each male has his arena and the courtship displays start early in the mornings so photographers have to overnight in hides to capture the action. Flatanger is strategically located on the coast with easy access to ocean, island archipelago, coastal wetlands, boreal forest and high mountains – a rich and varied landscape ideal base for capturing nature’s spring adventures.

Spring season: 25th of April – 8th of May

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Tour Operators

  • Ole Martin Dahle


You need to bring:

  • Clothes suitable for the season (Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn). Contact us and we will help you in case you have any questions on what type of clothes is suitable for the season of your choice!
  • your own favourite camera

We will provide

  • bed linens etc for accommodation
  • the guide
  • the guesthouse
  • necessary equipment for the trip