Muskox winter photo expedition

This tour is carefully selected for photographers who want to experience these amazing animals in their right element, winter & snow. We like to call it a photo expedition as we carefully enter their territory “expedition style” with back country skis, pulkas and the the same equipment that we use on the north- or south pole expeditions. You never know what weather to expect in these areas so before we go out and, you will be trained and prepared by the polar guides of Arctic Training & Expeditions.

If you are medium fit, and motivated to spend two nights in expedition tents and long days outdoors you will have a lifetime experience + lots of good photo opportunities. Welcome to the amazing scenery of Norway`s national mountain, Dovrefjell.

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    Tour Length

    5 days / 4 nights

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Tour Operators

  • Geir Vie

  • Petter Thorsen


Day 1 Wednesday

Fly into Trondheim Airport (TRD) before 14:00
We will pick you up at the airport and drive to our lodge at Dovre (approx 3 hours) where we will spend our first night. A tour brief, packing and preparations is on the agenda this evening including a nice meal. We will also go through our clothing to make sure we have what we need to keep us warm and comfortable the next days outdoors.

Day 2, Thursday

After breakfast we pack the sleds, load the car and drive approx 15 minutes to where we start skiing into the muskox area.
Depending on where the muskox are situated we will establish our basecamp and set up our expedition tents that will be our home for the next two days. Two nights outdoors will usually give us plenty of photo options. But off course, the environment and animals are wild so no guarantees (other than we will do our best). We must be flexible and keen to use the opportunities we are given.

Day 3, Friday

We wake up with coffee or tea “in bed” (our sleeping bag) listening to the sound of the stove heating up our tent. After a nutritious breakfast it`s time to get dressed and go to work. We will spend most of the day looking for good photo opportunities by ski or by foot depending on the snow conditions. We will have lunch and snacks along the way. Our main object is off course the muskox but the landscape, snow sculptures, skies and even birds like ptarmigan will catch our attention.
From Friday to Saturday is our 2nd night in tent and we are starting to get used to this simple but comfortable life.
Very few people are privileged to have this experience – living with the muskox.

Day 4, Saturday

After breakfast we put down our camp and slowly start skiing towards civilization. We usually spend the first 1/2 of the day photographing.
In the afternoon we will reach our lodge to have a shower and a nice meal before we have a tour debrief and start going through our photos.

Day 5, Sunday

After breakfast we pack our gear and drive to Trondheim Airport (TRD).
This day you should have a flight out after 14:00