Expedition skiing course in Norway

Do you want to master Nordic skiing?

This course is a great introduction for those who want to learn the basics of Nordic skiing before signing up on a real expedition or on one of our expedition training courses. We usually set up the expedition skiing courses two days prior to our arctic expedition courses.


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    2 days/1 night

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Tour Operators

  • Geir Vie

  • Petter Thorsen


Do you want to learn the basics of winter survival?

The instructors on this course are experienced Norwegian polar guides with experience leading expeditions to the North and South Pole, Greenland, Spitsbergen and Patagonian Icecap.

The training camp schedule includes all the basics:

Choosing the right equipment, how to dress in arctic conditions and how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your challenge. Group discussions will focus on the selection and preparation of clothing, boots, bindings, skis, backpacks, sledges, waxing and lots of small details that will make you comfortable and confident next time you find yourself in the backcountry during the winter months.

Both absolute beginners and those with limited experience will enjoy the combination of fun indoor seminars and practical outdoors master classes. If you are more experienced and want to improve your expedition skills before signing up for a commercial expedition we recommend you sign up for an enhanced or tailor made course with us.


During the course you will be introduced to the joy of Nordic skiing and the simple, slow pace of outdoor mountain life. Fresh mountain air combined with skiing all day and a hearty meal by the fire guarantee you will sleep like a baby.

Norwegian expedition mentality depends on everyone taking shared responsibility for camp chores and preparing the meals. Shared work and experiences make the team stronger and are part of any successful expedition. Building team spirit is critical for successful expeditions and is an integral part of our training ethos.

After this course you will be a much better Nordic skier with enhanced knowledge of what equipment to select and how to use it. In addition to the new skills you’ve acquired you’ll have a much better grasp of what it takes to ski across the Greenland Icecap, the Finmarksvidda or last degree on the North or South Pole.

Mastering good Nordic skiing technique is your passport to the exciting world of polar exploration.