3 days Husky tour

Enjoy the challenge of mushing a team of huskies through the majestic mountains of mid-Norway. On this short-break you’ll rapidly gain confidence as  you discover the thrill of the connection between you and your team of huskies. As your bond with the dogs builds the huskies respond and you’ll soon begin to feel at one with the stunning winter landscape.

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    Tour Length

    3 days, 2 nights

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Tour Operators

  • Bodil Bakken


Day 1

We start the day at the kennel at 10 am. First we will go through the equipment and clothes you wear and have brought with you before we pack the sleds. Then we give instruction of how we harness and prepare the dog team and how to ride the sled. You get the responsibility for your own dog team of 4 – 6 dogs. Sometimes two persons will share the responsibility and cooperate on riding one dog team. After this we are ready to go!

We will go uphill through a wonderful open landscape with pine, spruce and birch until we arrive at the mountain plateau after about 40 min. Along the way we will have to help the dogs in the steep terrain and if there is a lot of snow. Reaching the plateau there will be a beautiful view of the white, rough landscape. Depending on the weather, we will have a short or a long lunch break before we mush further to our destination, the cosy timber cabin where we are going to stay overnight. You will be amazed by the simple “luxury” there is to have now electricity and to bring water from a hole we will have to make in the frozen lake.

For serious mushers dogs are priority number one. Therefore everyone will participate in harnessing off the dogs, put them on a long wire, give them food and care before we go into the cabin and prepare our own nice evening meal. After that it’s time to rest with a good book, chill out around the fireplace or go outside to look for stars, the moon and Aurora Borealis – the northern lights.

But you must also be prepared for dark skies, white-out and even a snowstorm.
Making us even happier to stay comfortably inside our timber cabin.

Day 2

We start by giving our dogs food and water before we make breakfast for ourselves, clean up the cabin and pack the sleds. After this we prepare the dog teams and get ready for the tour back to the kennel. Nature rules so todays route is depending on the weather- and snow conditions. On our way back to the kennel we will have a lunch stop and also snack our dogs.

Back at the kennel we thank the dogs for the tour before we harness off and let them back into their houses. Then we clear up the equipment before its time for a shower and a delightful end of the tour with a delicious 3 courses dinner together and share the stories and photos from the tour.

Day 3

Breakfast before transfer to the airport.