Let 2018 will be your Arctic Expedition year! How to prepare for Arctic Training

Let 2018 will be your Arctic Expedition year!

This is the time of the year when you set yourself a bold goal and turn talk into action. This is the time when you should plan and execute a life-changing adventure you can be proud of – and remember for the rest of your life!

Many people are fascinated by the stories of past and modern polar explorers and journeys. Wild Norway offers a wide range of expeditions made for average fit people with the right motivation and mindset.

Expeditions are not about ticking off places on your bucket list. They are about exploring new, wild places, and relive polar history. And they are about challenging yourself physically, mentally, and socially.

We will make sure that you are well prepared, travel safe, and have a lot of fun!

We always travel in small groups of like-minded people, nothing is as rewarding as to reach a hard-earned goal with friends. It’s more fun, safer, and success rate is much higher!

Start by asking yourself two questions:

  • Are you already fit and motivated? If not: are you willing to invest time and money to train and prepare for the expedition?
  • Are you willing to contribute and develop your skills as a team player?

Are you ready to start the life-changing journey with us?

Get polar expedition ready by joining our Arctic Expedition Course. This 5-day course is running frequently from January to April.