Meet Our Team: Experience Børgefjell with Kent Mikkelsen

Meet Kent Mikkelsen!

Wild Norway guide Kent Mikkelsen was born and raised in the mountain village Røyrvik at the border of Børgefjell National Park. He is Mr. Fix it in the area and when he’s not guiding you in the National Park he run the show in the National Park Exhibition Center, drive the school bus, mark the hike & bike trails or work in their gas station/grocery/sport-store where you can rent cabins and get your fishing license. Kent grew up in this area and know the land as his own pocket and will link you up with the locals, show you the hidden gems of food, culture, nature and wildlife. Signing up on a tour with Kent and his company Experience Børgefjell will ensure you get the best out of your stay in the stunning, remote, rugged and wild Børgefjell National Park.