We do have a lot of fun in the adventure travel business! This is what we did during our recent trip to Fjord Norway region.

Working in the Adventure Travel business usually means a lot of work – and a lot of fun!

I love the contrast of office work and spending time in the outdoors with clients from all over the world. It’s not an A4 life and you need to be prepared for loooong days both indoors and outdoors.

FAM-trips (familiarization trips):
The fun part is meeting new people and seeing new places both inside and outside your own country. You have to travel abroad to develop your concepts, find your niche and know your competition. And you also need to invite people to your destination (tour operators, experts, and media) to show them around and getting first-hand feedback of what you`ve got to offer in this global marketplace.

Not so long ago I was on a FAM trip with Didrik at www.didadventure.no and Ed Farelly at http://henrycooksonadventures.com in the Møre and Romsdal / Fjord Norway-region.

The purpose was to find the best options for accommodation, food, and adventures in the region.

Traveling around in Norway makes me proud – and humbled. There are so many wonderful places, so many cool people, and so much good food.
And there is so much potential for adventure travel.
We just have to develop tourism right: keeping quality high and volume low to be able to have the local touch on the experiences we offer.

Here is a taste of what we experienced on our 2,5 days short haul adventure.

Thanks for a fun trip Did and Ed!