Meet Our Team: Gunn Anita Totland, The Bear Lady

Introducing Gunn Anita Totland!

Gunn Anita Totland lives and breaths in the mountain village Lierne in Trøndelag central Norway. Surrounded by the forests, mountains, lakes and rivers of the two large national parks the people in Lierne have a close-to-nature lifestyle and spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, skiing, foraging, fishing and hunting. The Norwegian expression for this is ‘friluftsliv’ (free-air-life) and describes the freedom and quality of life you get from spending time outdoors.

Gunn Anita is also called ‘the bear lady’ as she works for Lierne National Park Center as a project leader and brown bear guide. When not at the National Park Center Gunn Anita spend a lot of time fixing her eco-farm and hosting tourists that stay in their comfortable cabins with magnificent view over the pristine lakes and high mountain fells.

She really is Mrs. fix-it in Lierne and are always making sure that visitors get the most out of their vacation and have the time of their life with exciting, tailor made itineraries, excursions and experiences in the wild. In Lierne brown bear, beaver, birds and moose roam the magical realm of dense forests. Local produced chocolate, beer and food (bread, fish, game, berries) is always in her backpack on a hike and will be served around the fireplace together with freshly grounded coffee made on the fire.