Hotel Spruce – 5 (thousand) stars hotel

High in the mountains of mid-Norway there’s pop-up hotel that is so secret and exclusive that its location shifts with the seasons. Our impact on the pristine environment is minimal, and we prefer to travel light trekking and paddling in using human power.  Welcome to Hotel Spruce – our  5 (thousand) stars hotel!

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    3 days / 2 nights

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Tour Operators

  • Petter Thorsen

  • Geir Vie



Day 1 (Thursday)

Fly in to Trondheim Airport (TRD) and we will pick you up by Starbucks in the entrance hall at 2PM (14:00)!
Our drive from the airport to the mountains is approximately 1 hour. We will have a stop on our way to go through the equipment list and make sure everyone have got what they need and whats on the list.
We will arrive the parking at Øvre Forra Nature Reserve at about 4pm (16:00) and from here it`s only wilderness.

Ahead of us is a 2 km nice hike into the heart of the Nature Reserve and the wonderful location of the Hotel Spruce. Be prepared to carry some of the joint equipment, as part of our human-powered adventure. The walk will take up to 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on the trail condition.

The first thing we do when arriving in the camp is to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee around the fire. Then we are ready to check in at our what will be our wilderness hotel for the next 3 nights. This evening is set for a social and friendly gathering and nice dinner.


Day 2 and 3 (Friday and Saturday)

While you still are well tucked into your sleeping bags on top of reindeer skins and a mattress we have started to prepare your morning coffee to be served “in bed”. Some like to start the day with a short hike, others like to swim in the river. You can also do both:-).
After a nice breakfast around the campfire we will start todays activities. We have several to choose from depending both on the weather and the interests in the group. Our main focus is to learn you as much as possible about how to thrive and survive in the wilderness. You will get to know our mountains, wildlife and plants very well. We will forage, hike, paddle and fish. And you will learn how to set up a comfortable camp and emergency shelter.  Even if the days are packed with activities you will not feel rushed or stressed. There is a peaceful atmosphere over the course and we will spend hours around the campfire preparing delicious food and enjoying 5-star outdoor meals.

The evenings includes star-gazing and some beverage, nice evening meal and even aurora borealis if we are lucky. By now you are likely to have paced down and find yourself comfortable in being outdoors in the world’s only mobile hotel.


Day 4 (Sunday)

We wake up to our 3d and last morning in the wilderness. It`s time to make our last bonfire coffee and review our trip over breakfast. We guess you recognize that you have been sleeping better and better each night on this trip and this is your best morning – ever!

After breakfast we make sure to leave no trace on the campsite before walking 2 km back to the car.

If you are not going to spend more days in Norway/Trondheim/our region please make sure you have booked a flight after 3pm (15:00) so we are able to get you to the airport in time. On our way to the airport we will also stop by a hotel so you can have a shower before entering the plane.